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20140704_131036Why Do We Train Our Dogs?

Training is more than just some cute little tricks we teach. When we train, we are giving our dogs a language to convey to them how we want them to behave. We are building and strengthening our commands as a mutual language. The training methods used at PhD Pups Dog Training are unique and based on a scientific understanding of dog behavior. Just like our human babies, dogs aren’t born knowing how to behave so we must teach them! Dogs need and want a leader to help guide them and training will build their confidence. We can help you build a strong, healthy, enjoyable, and lifelong relationship with your four legged family members!

  • It gives us a way to communicate with our dogs in a way that we all understand
  • Our commands are tools that can AND SHOULD be used for everyday situations
  • It helps your dog be a confident, well-adjusted member of your family and society

A trained dog is a happy and confident dog!