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nioko asleep in her foodAre you at your wit’s end with your dog? Do you not have time to train your dog yourself? Let us get it started for you!

With limited availability we have a two week or a three week board and train program. This program is limited so that our trainer can really invest her time and energy in making your dog a wonderful canine citizen!

We keep the dog at a secure, warm, and friendly boarding facility for the duration of the program where our trainer will work with the dog daily. We teach the dog all the basic commands including sit, down, come, heel, place, stay, off, and quiet. We will also work on other issues you may have with the dog such as housebreaking. Your dog will be trained to respond on leash and off leash and of course around distractions! Your dog will get personal attention, doggy play time, and will even go on outings with the trainer.

We return the dog to you at the end of the program at which point we have a 2 hour lesson to transfer control from us to you and to show you the commands. Consistency is key! We stand behind our training here at PhD Pups so we offer unlimited in home follow-ups or refreshers with this program.