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20151214_113421Ilana’s love of animals is life long and her love of dog training began when she was living in Senegal for Peace Corps in 2011. After Peace Corps, Ilana began an intensive one-on-one internship with a dog trainer/behaviorist in Florida, with over 20 years’ experience. The programs there specialized in a range of services including general obedience for the companion animal and how to become gentle and well-mannered family pets. Through this intensive program Ilana trained hundreds of dogs and never turned away pets due to temperament. She has worked with all breeds of dogs in a range of sizes. While in Florida she assisted with the severe aggression and separation anxiety cases while also independently training dog directed aggression and less severe aggression cases.

Ilana moved up to Massachusetts in 2015 and lives here happily with Riley her 9-year old Yorkshire Terrier. She developed her own dog training programs and began her own business, PhD Pups Dog Training in 2016. Her training and programs are based on her scientific understanding of dog behavior. She is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in Animal Behavior. As she progress with her Master’s program, she will become a certified behaviorist to work independently with all dogs and cats no matter how severe the animal’s behavior.